10 Quick Tips About Medical Capital Equipment Purchasing

Hospital ProcurementCapital equipment purchasing/procurement is an extremely important process for healthcare providers.  Healthcare facilities are looking for efficient ways to invest their limited capital in an environment where they must take into consideration healthcare reform, the need to reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.  Their procurement decisions must have a positive impact on patient care, and also add to their bottom line.  Below are 10 points that should be considered when building

We have 10 points to consider for capital equipment investment planning.


  1. Financing the Purchase
  2. Maintenance and Warranty
  3. Space Planning and Development
  4. Construction/Utilization Regulations
  5. Equipment Delivery to Multiple Sites or Multiple Rooms
  6. Shipping and Receiving Requirements
  7. Avoid Patient-Workflow Disruptions
  8. Involve Necessary Departments in the Process
  9. Inspections, Testing and Transfer of Ownership
  10. Work with an Equipment Planner


For an in-depth review of the 10 steps, check this article from Hospital Associates Insiders.

Which of these ten steps tend to be your pinch-point?  Let us know in the comments below.

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